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A list of 25 excellent free dofollow backlinks for SEO and SEM professionals in 2024

Backlinks on SERP

Backlinks are still an important ranking factor in Search Engine Results pages. This means they're a staple for years to come in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search engines have evolved to penalize low-quality, high quantity strategies. Search engines focus more on factors like content relevance, user experience (UX), mobile responsiveness, and core web vitals, making search algorithms more intricate.

Here is a list of 25 free backlink providers:
*I've used most of them in the past.

Provider Description DA Spam Score
Github Pages A service to host and publish websites directly from a GitHub repository, primarily for project documentation. 96 2.0 URL shortening service that allows users to shorten, share, and track links, enhancing usability and tracking engagement. Interestingly still using dofollow backlinks. 94 N/A Post on software, hardware or other tech topics 94 3.0
Linktree A tool for optimizing online presence by creating a configurable landing page that can link to your social profiles and other important links. 93 N/A
Disqus You'll have to find sites that employ Disqus' commenting system, but it's still dofollow 93 21
Evernote Established note-taking app designed for organizing, task management, and archiving. 92 4.0
MySQL forums Post on MySQL/technical topics 92 1.0
Behance 92 3.0
Hostgator forums Post on Hostgator/Web topics 90 3.0 A social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks, fostering a community-based approach to bookmark organization. 89 61.0 this might be my fav one: easy backlink creation, growing popularity - carrd allows you to quickly create microsites 81 3.0 A platform enabling creators to receive support and funding from their audience via one-time or subscription-based payments. 80 1.0 Issue: there are different places on the website to add backlinks: 1) in deviantart user profile info AND 2) Backlinks in the Forum 74 6.0
HARO: Help a reporter Famous backlink exchange, helping you to get references from reputable news sources 65 1.0 64 1.0 62 2.0 60 14.0 54 16.0 54 15.0 A networking platform that connects professionals and businesses based on their industry and location 51 1.0 51 5.0
Deviantart Forum A community forum for artists and art enthusiasts to discuss art, share ideas. Awesome place, with lots of enthousiastic people. 50 N/A 45 1.0 44 4.0 A platform dedicated to startup innovation, offering resources, news, and insights. Specifically tailored for the AI and tech startup communities 32 3.0

BONUS: 4 great nofollow backlinks
LinkedIn Linkedin public articles are often ranked highest, since the Google's Helpful Content Update. Even though the links are nofollow, the referral traffic is often worth it. 99 1.0
GitHub Repositories & Pages Github allows you to host your own projects using Git version control system. Good plays to create backlinks 96 2.0
Quora A big knowledge-sharing platform where users ask questions and connect with others 93 10
Reddit Reddit provides good backlinks due to its high domain authority and large, diverse user base. However, most links on Reddit are "nofollow" 92 3.0

There isn't ONE straightforward approach, there are many. My advice is to employ diverse strategies such as reaching out to authors of relevant listicles, responding to journalist queries on HARO (Help A Reporter Out), creating profiles on business directories like Google Business and Yelp, and increasing visibility on social media platforms. Additionally, consider linking to influencers in your content, engaging in guest blogging on high-authority sites, conducting link gap analysis to target similar backlinks as your competitors, creating useful free tools, inviting industry influencers to guest blog on your site, and publishing comprehensive ultimate guides.